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Suomen Kotikonttori is a modern Finnish Contact Center specialized in direct sales and marketing. We execute sales and marketing campaigns with a high standard of quality, experience and cost-effectiveness.

We focus only on the Essentials:

– Results
– Quality
Well-being of our staff
– Satisfaction of our customers

The founders of the Company have over 60 years of practical experience in the industry, including thousands of completed projects in various industries, both in b2b and b2c -sectors.

Does your company need help with:

Acquiring new clients?
Booking meeting for your sales representatives?
Effective handling of customer leads and acquisition of new customer leads?
Payment reminder services?
Customer focus group surveys or call lists & registers?
Customer care calls such as pre-sales, after-sales, welcome calls, resales and cross-sales, or reactivation of passive customers?

Tell us about your needs and we’ll tell you how we can help with your business!

By outsourcing your campaigns to our professionals, your business can focus on its core expertise, saving you time and costs. Get more customers through scheduled and high-quality marketing projects.


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